Don Rickels died at the age of 90.  Jimmy Kimmel did a really awesome salute to one of the best comedians ever.

Taco Bell is introducing a new taco that has a fried egg as a shell!! Don’t get too excited, they’re only trying it out in Ohio for now.  Not sure how to feel about this, but hey, I guess it was bound to happen.  Click here to check out a pic of the fried egg taco and two other new items, the loaded taco burrito, and the mexican crispy chicken pizza. I’d post pix here but legally I can’t. Isn’t that fubar’d? lol.

Check out “Strike,” an unreleased track from the score for the 1984 film The Wild Life.   

A childrens color by number activity book was yanked from shelves in Belgium cuz it had a picture of Adolf Hitler in it. WHOOOOOOPS!  The Belgian publisher of the book which features drawings of famous people to be colored in, said it was a “painful mistake.”  The book was compiled and printed in India and according to a spokesperson for the publisher “the man who made the drawings picked a few famous people from another book. Unfortunately, Hitler was among them. Perhaps he didn’t know him.”   So people in India don’t know Hitler? Is that a thing?? Oh boy.  Here’s the pic.

A teenager swimming in the Gulf of Mexico punched a shark that bit her and probably saved her own life.  Caitlyn Taylor, 17, from Louisville, Kentucky, sustained six puncture wounds from the shark bite, but was able to fend off the shark. Witnesses said a 5-foot-long shark bit Caitlyn while she was about waist deep in the water on Sunday afternoon. Caitlyn told authorities that she initially thought it was a dolphin swimming in the water beside her.  “She has cuts on her hand and upper and lower jaw marks on both legs,” her mom said she sustained six puncture wounds and had to get “120 to 140 stitches.”  Way to go girl!

This video has gone viral this week, probably because grandma ended up with monkey poo on her nose.  Awwww, I feel bad for her!