4-20?!?  YOU BETCHA!!  Of course we have a Lagunitas called CHRONIC”, censored by law.  Even G Bair had this top two so miracles do happen.  Like apricots?  Never say never with Apricot Dude Ranch form Door County Brewing, a big pale ale that makes Door County a player in craft beer.  New Belgium hits with Tartastic, lemon ginger sour.  I puckered up just saying that but its smooth as hell and deserves a shot.  Boulevard Wheat from Kansas City is smooth as hell and my top two with bullets, Shorts Brew Bellaire Brown took my number one with a toffee, chocolately, malty masterpiece.  Newcomer,  Motto, from Good City in Milwaukee finished up beautifully with its mosaic hops and smooth taste.   See Trixie on East Wash. and ask fot the “JJO Pick Six.