Dale Earnheart Jr is retiring after the 2017 season.  Still bummed that Danica Patrick bet never turned out with Dingler.

A 4 year old girl opened the back door of her church bus and fell out right on the damn road in Harrison, Arkansas.  Luckily for her the dude behind the bus was an EMT and kept her conscious until paramedics arrived. She suffered from a broken jaw and will need surgery but is expected to make a full recovery. More deets here. 

DUDE.  We are getting closer to having flying cars!!!  More deets here, but this video is friggin’ KICK ASS!

Dude…. worst thrill experience ever? I think so!!  This happened in Bolivia.  She jumped from a 50 foot bridge with more than a 50 foot rope, as you see here.  Remarkably, she’s gonna be okay. More deets here.

Nanuq, the polar bear that lived at the Vilas Zoo for more than 20 years before being sent off to the Columbus Zoo, has died.  He was 29 years old, which is about 8 years older than the average polar bear lives. RIP Nanuq.

You NEED to check out this video of a chick using her boyfriend’s scrotum to blend her makeup.  hahahhaa, oh, internet.