The best thing to happen on DWTS went down the other night.  FART IN FACE, yo.

Check it out!! There’s a pickle flavored soda pop available! 

It’s the Frork… and you must tell me if you try this. hahahaha.

May is mental health awareness month, and to raise awareness rockstars are asking you to put your mohawk up and snap a selfie, post and hashtag it #1millionmohawks.  

A student dressed as a stormtrooper sparked an evacuation of Ashwaubenon High School in Green Bay on May 4th…. STAR WARS DAY! omg.  Some people.  So the middle schooler was spotted walking in to school with his storm trooper outfit, his back pack and a plastic shopping bag.  Some parent thought he was a threat so they called 911 and all hell broke loose.  YIKES.  Kind of a dummy, not realizing it was Star Wars Day, but then again we do tell ppl “if you see something say something” so we can’t be that pissy with the parent.  At least the school got to review their safety procedures!  More deets here.