Hello everyone!  Here’s what we considered “news” this week 🙂

This bitchin’ mash up came out and e’eryone lost their damn minds.  It’s pretty damn cool.

Will Ferrell gave a commencement speech at USC.  From what I’ve found online his speaking fee is around $100k.

Do you remember seeing pictures of yourself as a child wearing a romper? Some chicks wear them as adults still, they were big in the 70s, even James Bond sported a romper.  That was then…. this is now… and there will officially be a new male version of a romper.  The romphim.  OH WOW.

Check out this Iraqi reporter who was saved from a sniper’s bullet by his Gopro.  NUTS!

Chris Cornell was found dead in his hotel room bathroom on Wednesday night.  The police were saying it’s a suicide by hanging, but the family released a statement on Friday and his wife is saying that Chris may have been under the influence of Ativan at the time, which lead to his death.  Side effects from Ativan include slurred speech, impaired hearing and suicidal thoughts.  He apparently called her that night after the show and sounded different, slurring his words, and he said he took an extra Ativan or 2.  She called security to check on him, and they found him dead.  Yikes.  Huge bummer.  Read his wife’s statement here.   Check out Soundgarden’s last song from Chris’ last show.

If you are struggling w/ depression and thoughts of self harm here are some resources.

  • Dane County 24-hour Crisis Line at 608-280-2600
  • Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800) 273-TALK or (800) SUICIDE
  • Dane County Clerk of Courts (regarding the commitment process) at (608) 266-4311