Shiz with airlines is pretty tense these days, but this video made me so friggin’ happy.  This dude thought he was getting hassled about bringing his accordian on this Ryanair flight (which is an Irish airline) but the flight attendants just wanted him to jam out, so he obliged.  Way cool.

A 10 year old girl pried an alligator off of her leg while she was in Lake Mary Jane.  Four family members were just 10 feet away from her when the alligator bit her.  She punched the thing in the nose and then pried it’s jaws from her leg, which is EXACTLY what you’re supposed to do.  She suffered from non life threatening injuries and is doing just fine in the hospital.  To hear the 911 call and get more deets click here.

A list of a bunch of words many of us mispronounce has been posted here.  Among them, asterisk, trialthlon, and jewelry.  WHAT? I feel like my whole life has been a lie.

Mike Pence recently hosted a bunch of military families at the White house and all was going according to plan, until the end of his speech, when he stretched out his arms and accidently hit a kid in the face.  The kid followed him around the room until Mike Pence would apologize to him lol.  He did apologize and that kid is pretty darn cute.

Ranker has a list of the most rewatchable movies of all time.  Number 1 is Forrest Gump! Hell yeah! Check out the full list here!

A new study found that shouting swear words actually makes you physically stronger!  YES! Totally swearing at the gym from here on out. LOL. The effect doesn’t last long, but all you need is that extra oomph to get your lift on! Researchers think it’s cuz it makes your heart pound a little faster, like if you were in danger and that gives you a quick power burst allowing you to get one more rep in, mofos.  Full story here.