This is an older video but it’s makin’ the rounds online again, it reminds me of Fight Club, “His name is Robert Paulson.  His name is Robert Paulson.”  One of the theories as to why the turkeys are circling the cat is he turkeys were sizing up the threat of the cat and had no intention to make a meal out of it.  Add in the fact that they’re kind of stupid animals and here we are.

A Muslim man in Michigan is suing Little Ceasars for $100 million because he was given a pepperoni pizza that wasn’t halal even though it was supposed to be.  Two things on this whole topic… if you’re truly worried about your pizza being halal, maybe just order a cheese one.  Secondly, if you’re expecting a minimum wage employee to know how to prepare your food according to your religion, I’ve got some news for you, they probably don’t.  Seriously, just get the damn cheese pizza.  $100 million? REALLY? More on the story here.

Two camels screwing in the middle of the road stopped traffic in Dubai the other day, I guess it’s rare for them to mate in the road lol. Holy awkward, batman.

Trump tops the list of new names for Meth. LOL.  He’s not the only politician to make the list put out by, Nancy Pelosi is the top politician code name for LSD and Nixon the top for marijuana.  WEIRD.  Check out all of the results here.  Kind of crazy. 

According to research presented by the American Chemical Society tequila can help you lose weight! Drink up, fat ass!  Don’t mind if I do!!! It’s cuz of the sugars that naturally occur in the agave plant from which tequila is made.  These sugars are called agavins – which is not the same as agave syrup – and are non-digestible which means they act as a dietary fibre and won’t raise your blood sugar.  You actually end up eating less when your blood sugar stays stabilized! Read about it here!