This Saturdy is the World Naked Bike Ride in Madison, WI.  It goes down every year, and every year the cops pretty much ignore it unless someone is lewd and/or lascivious. Seems like there are still shocked ppl when the balls ride thru Madison, but you’ve been warned now!!! Why are they naked, you might ask? It’s to protest our reliance on oil.  Yeah… I know dude.  Not everything needs to make sense. lol.  Here’s the official website.  Enjoy. 

We had a cluster of tornadoes in northeast Wisconsin Wednesday night!!! GAH!!!! We actually tied the record for most tornadoes, which was set April of 2011. HOLY CRAP!!!  I would hope you already know what to do in the event of a tornado, but just in case you don’t click here. 

Dude.  Google street view has captured some pretty strange things.  Now it’s captured the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.  Somewhere in BFE South Korea a google street view camera was escorted by the cutest yellow dog ever!!! Click here to see all of the pix and prepare to have your heart melted. WHO’S A GOOD BOY????

7% of adults in America think that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.




There’s more.  And it’s bad.

Another ag research study done in the 90’s found that 1 in 5 adults did not know that hamburgers are made from beef.

If you want to be depressed read more here.  If you ask me, it’s best to just pretend you didn’t know people were that friggin’ stupid.


A team of chef’s ended up beating the world record for world’s longest pizza over the weekend.  The previous record was a 6,082-foot (and 3.4-inches) pizza made in Naples last year.  The goal was actually to build a 7,000 foot long pizza, but the za ended up at a little over 6,333 feet, which is good enough for me!!! Pretty kick ass that the Americans now hold the title for the World’s Longest Pizza!!!  The final tally of ingredients is pretty damn staggering, including 5,000 lbs. of sauce and over 3,000 lbs. of cheese. They of course donated the za to the needy.

Click here for pix of an adorable bear joining a race through Garden of the Gods park in Colorado.  How many of those people had to keep running with crap in their pants? LOL.