Check out this instant karma.  A spearfisherman was bitten by an 8 foot shark. Dude’s gonna be fine, even though he lost 2 pints of blood!

The tin man was arrested for drunk driving. LOL. Seriously, can’t write this shiz.  Nicholas Sherman, 31, was arrested in Sullivan, 15 miles east of Syracuse, NY,  when a homeowner called 911 about an intoxicated dude on his property who wouldn’t leave.  Nick had been working as the tin man at a nearby business.  He was arrested for drunk driving with a .19 BAC.  He’ll be in court June 2o.  Check out his mugshot here. 

A Maine man who was upset he couldn’t get assistance for housing unleashed at least 100 bed bugs in the city office that denied him.  The guy, who remains unmaned went to the code enforcement office earlier to complain about his former apartment and it’s bed bug infestation.  He needed a new place to live and assistance to do so, and when he was denied he slammed a cup of bed bugs on the counter, causing them to scatter all over the desk and even on to an employee. He’ll more than likely be charged with a crime, I’m guessing disorderly.  More deets here. 

The Moose Watch Cafe in Steamboat Springs, CO, is a donut shop with delivery, which in and of itself is newsworthy in my world lol. #FatPPLStories.  Anyway, the company’s Ford Focus was found with it’s rear bumper torn off in what is certainly a bear attack.  Why are we certain? Cuz there was a big ol’ bear paw print on the bumper lol, or what was left of it anyway.  The owner of Moose Watch Cafe blames the incident on the delish smell of the Focus.  Apparently it always smells like a rolling bakery. The bear didn’t even score any goodies, the trunk was filled with nothing but a few dirty aprons.  Damn!

Check out this video of a guy pulling a damn snake from a gas pump.   It was a non-venomous rat snake and was taken to the woods and released.

A guy made a video of his father in law saying “huh” all of the time and it made me LOL like a mofo.