A lady is out there saying she’s Salvador Dali’s daughter.  Now a court order has been issued for Dali’s body to be exhumed so she can get a paternity test done.  At stake are millions of dollars of paintings now owned by Spain.  If she is the daughter she could get much of the artwork Dali left behind after his death in 1989.  Read more here.  She does look just like the dude, that’s for sure!

Check out Lzzy Hale’s tribute to Chris Cornell.  Can’t wait to see Halestorm at Boom!!

Ohio State Patrol stopped a run away horse and buggy.  The horse had been running at about 20-25 mph for 10 miles straight.  When Sgt. C. Otis Smith stood in the path of the horse waving his arms yelling “whoooooa!!” but the horse didn’t stop, so Sgt. Smith jumped onto the horse and stopped the buggy.  The horse was so tired it collapsed right then and there.  Needed a break! Poor thing!!! Anyway, horse and cop are fine!!!! More on the story and pix here.