This dude set the record for most one-handed claps in a minute. CRAY!

A dude in Chicago cut off his wang, or at least part of it, and chucked it at cops.  Ultimately the dude ended up getting tased, twice, and arrested… my favorite part of the video is the guy recording it, yelling “this is when you shoot someone!” Oh, America.  He was clearly on drugs.  Read more here.

Look out Wisconsinites!!! 2 Northern Black Widows were found in Brown County!! Apparently it’s not unheard of, they’ve been here for perhaps millennia.  A Northern Black Widow spider would typically be found in a forest. One thing you should know about this spider is that it’s not out to get you, bites are rare, but if you do get bitten, make sure you get medical help right away.  Read more here!

June Foray, the voice of Rocky the Squirrel on Bullwinkle died at the age of 99.  Awesome, long life and she did a TON of voice work including Natasha Fatale, Tweety’s owner Granny, Cindy Lou Who and Wheezy Weasel.  Thanks for your work, sister! RIP!

Corey Taylor’s son sang along with him for Song #3 the other night. Way cool!!!  Check out the interview I did with Corey at Rockfest here. 

This week we found out that scientists are using vibrators to figure out what gender different turtles are.  WHAT?  hahaha, omg!!! The report “Good vibrations: a novel method for sexing turtles” was written by  biologists Donald McKnight, a PhD candidate at James Cook University in Australia, and his team; Hunter Howell, Ethan Hollender, and Day Ligon.   With some turtles it’s very difficult to figure out which gender they are.  Donald and his team found that using a 7 inch vibrator on the turtles help erections pop.  “Ultimately, most erections happened when the vibrator was on the tail itself, but turtles generally won’t let you start there. So you first have to spend a few minutes on other parts of the body, and periodically test the tail.”  So they need some foreplay! hahaha! Crazy!  Read more about it here.   Of course, this calls for the “I like turtles” remix!!!