YO, THIRSTY PEOPLE!!   Another great six custom picked to excite the senses and fill the gut..Milwaukee Brewing brings the Weekend at Louies with a blueberry backbone that makes you wanna eat pancakes and slap your momma!  Snaggle Tooth Bandanna.  Sounds funny, drinks like a beer better.   A pale ale you need.  Wyders Cider is a big ‘ol raspberry outta Vermont.  DUH!  Surley-#MERICA goes old school with the recipe and brings it home.  This is the stuff your pappy used to drink when he got your momma to drop those pants.  Blackrocks pours a coconut brown ale outta Michigan that ain’t even right!  In a good way!! And of course, pound for pound, simply one of the best beers a man can get his hands on,  Zombie Dust.   In the six this week.  Don’t piss off the beer gods, drink now!!!!