This dude ate a Dominos pizza every day for over a year and lost 59 pounds! Of course, he’s young and toyt, got a six pack rockin’ even after all that ‘za!!  He must do food challenges for money, cuz he posted every day on his socials and is now soliciting future food challenges!!His whole point was you can workout enough to undo a bad meal, don’t stress about one bad day.  I won’t stress about a bad eating day, I just have several of ’em in a row lol.  More deets here.

Judge Judy was the hero we all needed this week.

Check out this A-hole cheerleading coach making this freshman do the splits.  The girl suffered tissue damage and the coach should be ostricized.  Terrible.

Actor Jay Thomas of Murphy Brown and Cheers fame passed away at age 69 after battling cancer.  Funny dude.   He’ll be missed.  Check out the story here. 

The winner of the HUGE $758 million powerball jackpot has been revealed.  53-year-old Mavis Wanczyk, a nurse, will end up taking home about $336 million after everyone takes their part.