Pretty crazy week in rock! First of all, Wes Scantlin can’t seem to stay out of trouble.  On Saturday at LAX Wes tried boarding a plane with a BB gun.  He was arrested and booked and bail was set at $850,000, and there were a few other charges thrown at him besides just the weapons charge.  He made it to his show the next day though! Which is HUGE! We’re all rootin’ for ya, Wes.

Pretty messed up story from the west coast, as all 4 members of Decapitated were arrested and accused of kidnapping and gang raping a woman.  The incident allegedly occurred  after the band’s performance at The Pin in Spokane, Washington, September 1.  The accuser says the whole band held her against her will and took turns raping her, then she was carried off the bus and was found walking on the side of the road a few miles from the venue. She called the cops but by the time they got to the area where the crime took place the band was gone.  They were arrested in Santa Ana and are awaiting extradition to Washington.   They deny any wrong doing, and posted the following on FB.

American Pickers are comin’ to Wisconsin and they need stuff to pick!!! Get a hold of ’em!

A reporter from MSNBC saved 2 dolphins that were havin’ some probs after Irma.  Right place at the right time!! Thanks hero!!!

It broke records opening week and has inspired creepy clown people all over the country, including Gags the Green Bay clown who was captured on a doorbell camera lurking in someone’s lawn while holding on to black balloons.  CREEPY, but obviously planned.  Be careful kids, you don’t want to get shot trying to prank someone. Check out the video and pix here.