The mad pooper is here!!! hahahah! OMG, the internet was all aflutter over this story out of Colorado Springs.  Some random lady jogging through a neighborhood stopped and shat in some lady’s yard in the middle of the damn day!!! As if that wasn’t enough, her kids saw the lady pooping, ran and got the mom, and the mom was all “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” The lady apologized, wiped, and then took off.  The mom has dubbed her the “mad pooper.” Turns out she’s been poopin’ in other people’s yards too! WHAT THE??? aaaaaaaaand now Charmin has offered the mad pooper a year’s supply of TP if she turns herself in. LOL. Strange people…..

Lawrence O’Donnell had a Bill O’reillyesque meltdown, and it was awesome.

Check out some instant karma being served.  These dudes were laughing about the red cars misfortune and then got hit by a pole lol. Everyone is okay!

This guy slung a lot of yogurt into cups over the years.

Did you know you can’t say “boobs” on CNN? LOL. I give it up for this fellow wacky morning radio dj.  Say “boobs” whenever you can!!!