Hugh Hefner passed away at the Playboy mansion at the age of 91.  RIP Heff, thanks for all the boobs.

A donkey in Germany is accused of trying to eat a McLaren Spider and the owner could be on the hook for the damages.  Last September Markus Zahn parked his carrot colored luxury car next to a donkey pasture in Vogelsberg. WHY THE HELL HE WOULD DO THAT IS BEYOND ME!  Vitus, the donkey lived in said pasture and he must have confused the orange car for a giant effing carrot, cuz according to Markus, there was a big bite mark on the back of his car.  He’s trying to get Vitus’ owner to pay for $7000 in damages.  There should be a ruling by next week.

There was a pay it forward incident at a McDonald’s in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  A regular customer offered to pay for the order of the person behind her in the drive-thru. The GM there said that type of kindness is typical at that store, but is usually limited to 5 to 10 cars. Last Thursday morning was an exceptional one, as the pay it forward chain went on for nearly an hour and 125 customers had participated.  Way cool, no matter what Johnny says.

Dude, DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD, a chick in Arkansas had 3 syringes shoved up her hoo ha when cops arrested her.  WHAT. THE. The Bentonville police received complaints of a reckless driver and stopped Tracy McCoy.  She failed the field sobriety tests, and told the arresting officers she hadn’t been drinking, only taking her prescription pills.  She was taken to the jail, where they tried to get a pee test, and upon doing so, deputies found 2 syringes and a folded $20 bill in her vag.  She tried again to provide a urine sample and that’s when the 3rd syringe was discovered.  A pill was found inside the $20 bill and McCoy told cops she used the syringes to shoot dilaudid. She also forged her sister’s signature on the arrest paperwork and faces felony charges of possession of a controlled substance, furnishing prohibited articles to a corrections facility and second-degree forgery in addition to misdemeanor drunk driving charges.

There is a serial killer cannibal couple in Russia! GAH!  Police think the couple may have killed up to 30 people since 99 and even consumed parts of the bodies.  They were busted when a cell phone with pix of a dismembered body was found on a street.  There were shots of the husband, 35 years old, posing with a dismembered female victim.  The following day her remains were found.  The dude denied killing the victim, saying he had found the remains and took some pix with them before losing his phone.  OKAY BRO. The husband ended up confessing to 2 murders and law enforcement discovered a canned hand in the couple’s home.  So far 7 victims have been identified, but like I said there could be MANY more.  CREEPY.