HOLY OKTOBERFEST BEERPOUNDERS!!!  Trixie brought three outstanding makers in to showcase their malty masterpieces!!  Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, Revolution outta Chicago and current fave, An Oktoberfest Lager from Central Waters straight outta Amherst, Wisco…..gather friends and compare.  Then eat a bag of Doritos.  Bonus this week getting to meet Deadbird Brewings Nick Kocis and his beeermakin buddy Peter, the mastermind behind DROIDS ATTACK PYSCHO BOT!!!  A bigass blood orange APA that brings the right amount of malt and blood orange…amazing!!  Plus another visit to Muscleman double IPA with almost FOUR pounds of Cascade, Centennial and Simcoe per barrel….Finally, Deadbirds Devil Monkey New England Style IIPA..9.5 ABV..life is good!!  Grab this six at Trixies Liquor on East Washington Ave. right now!!!