An elementary school in Walpole, Mass decided to get rid of Halloween and replace it with black and orange spirit day.  WHATEVER WE ALL KNOW IT’S STILL HALLOWEEN YOU JUST GAVE IT A DIFFERENT NAME!  gaaaaaaaah!!! Anyway the principal Brendan Dearborn was concerned cuz the Halloween parade  isn’t inclusive of all students and their beliefs.   Dearborn also cited security concerns in his decision to cancel the parade, which parents seem supportive of.  Now they are doing an after school celebration.  *eyeroll* whatever.  Read more here .

Star Trek aired it’s first eff bomb ever!!! How exciting lol.  It’s from Star Trek Discovery which doesn’t have to adhere to normal broadcasting rules cuz it’s an online show.  So let the eff bombs fly!!!

The big scuttlebutt here in Wisco was the suggestion that we do away with “America’s Dairyland” on our license plates.  Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce President Kurt Bauer floated the idea at a luncheon Monday attended by hundreds of the state’s business leaders and was promptly roasted online lol.  Kurt’s idea was that since our economy is more diverse than just dairy we should maybe have a motto on the plates that is more indicative of that.

Nancy Cartwright is so friggin’ awesome!!!  Check out this video of her doing a bunch of her voices.  SOOOO COOOOOOL!

Check out this parrot in a vet’s office. hahahah. clearly some hot sex happening in his house! LOL!!!