A dude from Oklahoma was pulled over for speeding. The deputy discovered duder covered in vaseline and wearing only a thong, with a porn mag in the passenger seat.  YIKES!  So the driver, John Wayne Kellerman, 54 years old, handed the cop a Vaseline covered ID.  Then he offered the cop a rag to wipe the vaseline off the ID lol.  The cop declined, John admitted to driving and yanking.  Dude was arrested cuz his license had been revoked, and it turns out he’s spent most of the past 27 years in state prison on a whole bunch of charges, including narcotics possession, domestic assault, auto theft, burglary, and escape from confinement.  I guess freedom was too much for him to handle!  More deets here. 

DUDE! DUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE!!!  Madison is getting a Taco Bell Cantina!  ERMERGHERD!!!  It’ll be on State Street in the former Wendy’s location this December!!!  If you’re not hip to the Taco Bell Cantina it’s a boozier version of Taco Bell.  AND WE LOVE BOOZE!  There won’t be a drive thru, obvs, cuz it’s on State Street, but it will offer drinks like the pina colada freeze, plus beer, liquor and wine! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!  I went to the T Bell Cantina in Las Vegas and it was pretty cool! DJ playing really loud music, cool atmosphere, Taco Bell merch for sale.  I’d rate it 5 out of 5!

So that happened. LOL.  That is  Sierra Coleman.  She definitely had a pot in the back of her pants lol and now she is a wanted woman.   Sierra Coleman, 29, from Missouri, was arrested for trying to steal a $30 frying pan from Ikea. She failed to appear in court for misdemeanor assault and theft charges in connection with the frying pan heist and her fight with Ikea employees.   So she’s now a wanted woman….for a $30 frying pan.  SMH.  Terrible decision making.

Speaking of terrible decision making….


Oh, those wacky morning TV people, trying a super hot chip and throwing up lol.  Ok, full disclosure, I’d love to try this chip on air.  Let’s do it. WE NEED TO DO IT.