Chuck E Cheese has Chucktober, did you know that? Me neither lol.  So for this Chucktober they are releasing a pizza that LOOKS like Candycorn.  There is no candy corn in the pizza so don’t freak out.   The white part starts with Chuck E. Cheese’s traditional crust, then they add garlic mozzarella cheese in the center of the pizza plus a ring of sharp cheddar cheese around the outside to make a multi-colored tapered appearance that looks like Candy Corn!!  Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurants nationwide from will have the pizza from Oct. 16 to Oct. 31.  

That crazy dude ended up getting arrested for jumpin’ on that school bus, as he should! What a crazy story… so in Baltimore 68-year-old Leverne Doran, the dude in the video, thought one of the kids on the school bus threw a plastic bottle at his car. So he did what any rational person would do, stormed up to the bus and demanded to be let into the school bus in order to discipline the kid that allegedly threw the bottle.  When the bus driver wouldn’t let him in the jumped on the hood.  Luckily, an off-duty police officer was nearby intervened.  Duder was arrested and he faces several charges including disorderly conduct and destruction of property.

The new Star Wars trailer came out!!! We’ll have tix for you, you know dis!!!

Austin Rogers got Alex Trebek to say “dick tree” and that’s amazing. The New York bartender finally lost on ‘Jeopardy!’ after 12 victories. He’ll return on Nov. 6 though, so don’t worry!

Eminem did a freestyle rap about Trump and people are mad.  People are always mad about something. Anyway, here it is!