Harmony 3.0 the sex robot with a self-lubricating vag will be out in time for Xmas and now your life will be complete. You’ll be able to put the vag in the dishwasher, which is a nice option.  Wish I could throw mine in the dishwasher every now and then.  LOL.  They’re creepy real looking, but if it stops one dude from committing an assault or one dude from a life time of hand love, I’m all for it.   Save your pennies though, cuz they’re a couple grand!!

I LOVE black licorice! SO MUCH!  The little licorice bites from Menards are like THE BEST!!! Is it possible to OD on black licorice? YUP. And I can’t believe I haven’t done it yet.  FDA is reminding ppl that the candy has the compound glycyrrhizin in it, sweet flavoring from the licorice root…mmmmmm…. anyway the compound can alter your potassium levels in your body and if they go down too far you’ll get high blood pressure, become lethargive and start to swell, maybe even heart failure!!! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It takes a bunch to do it though, like 2 ounces of black licorice every day for at least 2 weeks, so don’t even worry about it, yo.

A Florida couple found a frog in a glass of water.  LIKE WTF? I’d demand free waffles for a year. The couple left before eating, and the Health Department sent inspectors out to the Waffle House 4 days later and they noted multiple violations that were not considered a threat to the public.  ….just how???

Dave Grohl dressed up as Lettermen and jammed with Kristen Bell on Jimmy Kimmel Live in a Frozen/Metallica mash up and he’s still our favorite person ever.

Vineyard 48 in Long Island was known for crazy ass ragers, and we just found out about them.  September 30th was apparently the party to end all parties.  Over 400 ppl showed up to the party and there were super long lines for the bathroom, which made those that couldn’t wait any longer, urinate and poop on nearby properties.  THE NEIGHBORS LAWN GOT SHAT UPON.  And to boot, a neighbor busted 2 ppl having sex in the bushes, which I guess is better than busting 3 ppl having sex in the bushes.  Winery closed.  More tweets and vids and deets here.