David Cassidy died at the age of 67.  He’s been having a rough go lately.  A few DUIs, dementia diagnosis, and finally organ failure.  I found out that he was HUGE in his heyday, playing live shows and having hit singles.  He had a daughter whom he barely speaks to.  She said his last words were “So much wasted time.”

Trump pardoned the turkeys in the Thanksgiving spirit and tradition.  People are butt hurt about what he said, but I thought it was pretty funny.


Nothing beats the classic Palin turkey video though!!

The diddle-list keeps growing.  Charlie Rose apparently walked out of showers naked in front of female coworkers on more than one occassion, now he’s without employment.  Crazy!  For a full list of who has been accused click here. 

This made me LOL.  The Georgia Dome was imploded and this bus ruined the Weather Channel’s shot. Hahahah poor photog.


Matt McConaughey handed out 4,500 turkeys in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky on behalf of Wild Turkey.  Lawrenceburg is where Wild Turkey is made.  What a trip! Check the vid!