DA BEER! DA BEER!!  Another sixxer we drank and reviewed with Trixie this week was the always delicious Contorter Porter from the knuckleheads at Ale Asylum(Otto cant touch my golf game!) Eau Claire showed game with the Irish Red  from Lazy Monk, Vengeful Spirit IPA from Stone is tweaked with pineapple, homers Great Dane has Barista Bock thats a lock with vanilla and chocolate(their pot pies rock!), Hop Rising Double IPA at 9% grew hair on places I didnt even know hair could grow and our very own Trixie dreamt up and delivered her second batch of Trixies Kiss, a beautiful tasting chocolate mint stout you’ll  crave…the bad news? They only made 10 barrels!  Stop in at Trixies at East Wash and grab a crowler before its gone….GET SOME!!!!!