Dee is going live for 28 hours for the Kids!

Listen July 23 and 24 as Dee touches on topics that affect kids in our area. There will be local interviews, artist interviews, donation hours and more all while hoping to collect donations and raise awareness for kids in our area. The crew will be broadcasting live from the JJO parking lot (730 Rayovac Drive) collecting school supplies, musical instruments, tampons, helmets, food, cash and much more. Our goal is to make life better for kids that need help.

Please consider coming down to the broadcast held in the JJO studio parking lot and donate in person cash, check or supplies OR donate online OR we’ll have TONS of great auction items that will be available on the website as well.


Johnny thought he would step up the game this year and donate his Fiat to raise money for Dee’s Radiothon for the Kids. Thanks to Drive Auto, the car is getting revamped with a new paint job and more! Now, Danger’s beloved car can be yours! CLICK HERE  TO PLACE YOUR BID NOW!


All proceeds and donations raised will go to the following charities:

Thanks to Drive Auto, The Diamond Center and Profile by Sanford!