So we scored a boatload of instruments during Dee’s Radiothon for the Kids, and Knapton Musik Knotes in Janesville refurbished and packaged them up, and now they’re ready for new homes!

Do you know an underprivileged kid that could use one of these instruments?  Shoot me an email telling me which instrument you want and who you want it for.

 Blue Electric Guitar – We packaged this guitar along with a donated amp- includes a gig bag and stand!

 Washburn Acoustic/Electric Guitar-includes stand, gig bag and will include amp!!


 Keith Urban Guitar Package – includes gig bag, amp and stand!!!

Banjo w/ stand and gig bag

Acoustic Guitar w/ Gig bag

Electric guitar w/ gig bag and amp

Electric Guitar w/ Gig bag


Full size Cello and bag

Bass w/ gig bag and amp

Stradivarius 4/4 Violin

Trumpet w/ Case

Clarinet w/ case

Clarinet w/ case

Violin w/ bow and case

Viola w/ bow and case

PLUS 2 SHURE PG ALTA Microphones!