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We Are Harlot Backstage at Sonic Boom 2015

Go backstage for an all access look at what it takes to play one of the biggest shows in the Midwest. 94.1 JJO’s SONIC BOOM! The always entertaining “We Are Harlot” are our guides from load in until it’s time to hit the stage.

Local Farmers Will Feed Festival Goers

Wisconsin Brats will create the “Boom Brat” which many will think is a traditional brat but there will be a little “twist” which will remind people this is a JJO event and the “After Burner” brat will be made with jalapeno and cheese. Wisconsin Brats won’t be selling these flavors anywhere else at any time… More…

Sonic Boom 2016 Promo

Tickets on sale now! For more info or to order online, go to: