Bones UK is a duo that is ready to take on the world. Listen in as Ozz chats with Carmen and Rosie about their debut release why girls can’t play the guitar and their plans for world domination. Click that tiny little play button now!

Bones UK are a rock band from Camden Town, London (currently located in Los Angeles, California) consisting of lead vocalist / rhythm guitarist Rosie Bones, lead guitarist Carmen Vandenberg, and drummer Heavy.

The band first formed in 2014 after meeting at a blues kitchen in their hometown and caught the attention of musician Jeff Beck early on in their career, who asked the band to cowrite his 2016 album, Loud Hailer, and to perform with him on tour. Since then, Bones UK have put out multiple singles independently before releasing their debut, self-titled album on July 12, 2019 via Sumerian Records. On the album, produced by Filippo Cimatti, Bones UK confront everything from the beauty industrial complex to toxic masculinity, to music-scene sexism, and also includes a cover of David Bowie’s “I’m Afraid of Americans” after being asked by Howard Stern to record the song for a Bowie tribute album


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