Janus have been out of the game for a while now. What inspired the comeback? Listen in as Ozz chats with frontman David Scotney as he explains why he was compelled to make music again. Click that tiny little play button now!


Janus is an American alternative metal band based in Chicago. They formed in 1992 in North East, Maryland and have released five studio albums, “Orifice” (1994),Influx (1998), Armor (2004), Red Right Return (2008), and Nox Aeris (2012). They mix alternative metal with non-traditional rock instruments, such as auxiliary percussion, and electronic sounds.

The band gained popularity on rock radio stations across the US due to their single “Eyesore,” and has toured with bands such as All That Remains, Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Sevendust, and Sick Puppies. The band is known for wearing custom made red and black 1920s Russian-inspired militaristic uniforms both on stage, and in their music video for “Eyesore.”


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