Jelly Roll joins Brock to discuss his latest release “Ballads Of The Broken.”  Find out how he got his nickname and his lifelong pursuit to live up to it.  How he goes about songwriting, if he would trust his wife to tattoo him and how he found it in his heart to forgive The Waffle House.

Outright genre-bending singer/songwriter/rapperJelly Roll has quietly been building a remarkable career and creative empire, under the radar—under the nose of Nashville’s Music Row and the entire music industry—and doing it on his own terms. Since his days selling his mix tapes out of his car, he has constantly been creating and releasing new music and videos, touring relentlessly, and consistently topping various iTunes charts with his deeply personal lyrics and music that blends Old-school Rap, Classic Rock, Country and Soul that is therapeutic, raw and tackles the heaviness in life.
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