Combing worms out of his hair is one of the many topics Matty Mullins discusses with Brock on this episode of DNM.  He also takes us through the entire process of writing, self producing and making the videos for MMF new release “Remade In Misery.”  Hair products, John Travolta and of course a round of Rapid Fire are covered in this edition as well. 

Four-piece rock band, Memphis May Fire, channel a generation’s worth of angst, frustration, and pain, with a
focused blend of gigantic melodic hooks and crushing aggression. Even after topping Billboard’s Hard Music
Albums chart and breaking into radio’s Active Rock Top 20, Memphis May Fire refuses to sacrifice who they are or
the people who made them. In fact, Remade in Misery, their seventh full-length album, is the heaviest Memphis May
Fire record yet.


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