This San Diego metal three piece has gone around the world to get these new songs made.  They explain how bartering their carpentry skills lead them to not only build, but be the first and last people to record in a brand new California studio.  What now?  Well they packed up and went to Asia. A journey that ended up leading them to finally discover their true sound.

What is QUOR? Something you should hear.A loud difference of styles and dynamics thatfollow no rules of the metal/rock/punk
genres, but stands as a whole;Rock n Roll. Every song is an epic ride, a storied tale. Subtle and furious in groove; hooked for days in melody, goose bumps. Will you find yourself uttering a line or two caught deep inside your head? Where will it take you? The answer is yours but the outcome is always the same.By listening to QUOR, you will arrive into awe-someness. Bold, but true.