Reid Henry has had two bites at the apple but is the third time the charm? Listen in as the former My Darkest Days gutarist and Deadset Society frontman explains why he’s going it alone. Click that tiny little play button now!


Reid Henry is a singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada.
First stepping onto the scene as guitarist of platinum-selling hard rock band My Darkest Days and touring the world performing the club anthem Porn Star Dancing.
My Darkest Days had the distinction of opening for legendary rock acts such as “Korn“, “Nickelback” & “Linkin Park” among others.
In 2013 with Matt Walst joining Three Days Grace, Reid pressed on establishing Deadset Society as lead vocalist and songwriter.
Now, with Deadset Society on hiatus and millions of streams in the rearview mirror, Reid continues his journey as a solo artist with the release of debut single Monster.
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