Boston born Rubikon have it figured out. They live separate lives in different parts of the country but ever so often, music comes calling & they are one again. Listen in as Ozz talks with Frontman Jae Sims about where Rubikon has been and where they are headed next.

Rubikon is more than a band, it’s a true brotherhood. Five friends who, first and foremost, love each other, but also love making music together, and they have a hell of a time doing it. With their first new album in four years, The Record (2019) brings the band back to the basics, creating songs that are just good. At the same time elevating their sound into full-tilt overdrive with their high-energy, in your face, heavy rock melodies. The Record follows up the success of Delta (2015) , which spawned the Top 40 Active Rock single “Live that Lie,” and brought numerous song placements on shows such as Shameless. The songs on The Record expand on their signature sound. They are tighter and hit harder; there’s a wider dynamic range and a more experimental approach in bringing in a variety of instruments such as pedal-steel guitar, baritone saxophone, and even a banjo and mandolin.

After three full-length albums, a couple of EPs, and some serious time crammed into a van/RV touring the country and playing with such bands as Disturbed, Black Label Society, Damageplan, Sevendust, and Shinedown to name a few, The Record finds Rubikon in a more experimental place, but the constant elements remain the same: five friends who love making music together, playing for their fans, and having a great time doing it. As singer Sims notes, “Rock n’ roll never dies. We want to restore a little organic humanity back into music. No frills, just rock. No genres, just good songs.”-rubikon


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