Rock legend Slash joins us to talk about his new release with Myles Kennedy and the Conspitors “IV.”   He discusses how the record was ready to go in April of 2021 and he is so happy it is finally out.  Brock also tries to get him to reveal the worst bus mate in the band, and Slash tells us he still finds music to be a never ending challenge and an amazing journey

It’s been a decade since Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators released their debut album together, 2012’s landmark Apocalyptic Love. Ever since, the band – which, in addition to Slash and singer Myles Kennedy also includes bassist Todd Kerns, drummer Brent Fitz and rhythm guitarist Frank Sidoris – have been on one of the more impressive and unrelenting tears in rock ‘n’ roll, issuing two more hard-hitting, highly-acclaimed records (2014’s sprawling World On Fire and the more streamlined 2018 effort Living the Dream), and rocking stages all over the world, from North America to Southeast Asia, Europe and the U.K. to Australia and New Zealand, the Middle East and Russia to China, Japan, South Korea and beyond.

But for all they’ve done and everywhere they’ve gone, when it comes to Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators, there’s always new musical boundaries to push and fresh creative avenues to explore.

Enter 4, the brand-new and highly anticipated studio effort from SMKC. True to the band’s expanding legacy, it’s everything you’ve come to expect from Slash, Myles, Todd, Brent and Frank… but also unlike anything you’ve heard from them yet. This time out, Slash says, they captured a certain “magic” – the sound of five musicians and band mates listening to and playing off one another in the spirit of live, in-the-moment collaboration.

“It has a very spontaneous, fun kind of thing to it, and I love that,” Slash says of 4. “That’s really the major difference on this record – we did it more or less live, and the mistakes are all in there. It’s the sound of the five of us just jamming together in one room.”

Of course, he continues, “you can make an amazing album by recording the bass and drums and putting the guitars on later and all that. But when you can capture that live rock ‘n’ roll spirit? It makes the whole thing really special.”

And make no mistake: 4 is special. The album kicks off with the six-string clarion call of Slash’s Gibson Les Paul, which cuts through the mix like a siren forewarning what’s to come – in this case, opening track “The River is Rising,” one of the band’s toughest and most dynamic compositions to date. Unraveling via a menacing, tightly coiled riff and deep-in-the-pocket groove, the song builds to a trademark SMKC widescreen chorus, featuring Kennedy’s vocals riding over waves of guitar melody, before stopping on a dime to break into a furious double-time instrumental sprint, with Slash’s frenzied, nimble solo racing above, around, alongside and within his band mates’ full-throttle rhythm gallop. “It grabs you right out of the gate,” Slash says.

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