Sons Of Silver are new but they are not newcomers. Listen in as Ozz talks with front man Pete Ardropolis about how the project has morphed over time & the new release “Doomsday Noises”. Click that tiny little play button now!

Sons Of Silver is an American, indie-rock band from Los Angeles. The group quietly attracted an impassioned fan base, worldwide, under the previous name, Pete RG. Following a pair of EPs—Lightning Strikes [2016], and Reaching for the Moon [2016]—2017’s Tender Souls album garnered critical acclaim and looks from the likes of Impose, Blank TV, and Elmore Magazine. The group toured extensively across North America playing major markets like Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and New York.  They also crossed the Atlantic, hitting London, Paris and Berlin, among others.  After two years on the road, the sound evolved, as did the identity. What began as a solo artist evolved into a band. –SOS.COM


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