Catch Sonic Boom artist GRETA VAN FLEET at the Festival Foods Shake the Lake this Saturday, June 24 off John Nolen Drive.

Admission is FREE!

They take the Isthmus West Stage at 5:45pm


From the Madison Mallards and 94 1 JJO!

Greta Van Fleet – 5:45 PM

Firing twin barrels of arena-rock muscle and moving melodies, Greta Van Fleet is a modern rock & roll band rooted in the genre’s strongest traditions: super-sized hooks, raw riffage and the sweeping vocals of a front man who was born to wail.

 The four-piece formed in Frankenmuth, Michigan, just outside of Detroit, where 20 year-old twin brothers Josh and Jake Kiszka began playing shows with their 17 year-old younger brother, Sam, and 17 year-old family friend Danny Wagner. Holding their practices in the Kiszka family garage and road-testing their songs onstage throughout Michigan, the four became a band of brothers whose songs mix classic chops with the thrill of teenage angst.

From sing-along choruses to fiery guitar solos, Greta Van Fleet rounds up a highlight reel of rock & roll heroics. These guys aren’t revivalists; they’re looking ahead, breathing new life into a sound that’s blasted out of car dashboards and living room stereos for decades. Arena-rock is a movement, and Greta Van Fleet just gave it a new set of wheels.