Graduation day for another round of Guitars For Vets students at the Vet Center. Jackyl guitarist Jeff Worley was on hand to personally had each of our incredible Veterans the guitars they earned by completing the program.

It was so amazing to see the looks on their faces. They earned and deserve to experience that joy at all times!

There is a long list of people that have helped to reinvigorate the program. Julie Powers Kai Andersen Lance Martinez Tanner, Bonnie Oleson Knapton Musik Knotes Paul Schluter and so many other. Including you the JJO listeners. We use funds from my Veterans Radiothon to help fund the program.

Time to get another session started. There were Vets that had to wait 3 years for this day. My goal is to eliminate the waiting list, and it will be gone by Spring.

At the end of the day, not much is truly more rewarding than being of service to others. Looking forward to doing this many many more times.