May-Tallica is Underway!


The annual salute to the Mighty Metallica is stacked with incredible content, prizes and opportunities.


Metallica at Lolla:  When we play Metallica, rate it, and you are automatically in to win tickets, hotel and gas money to see em rock Lollapalooza in August. 

Top Fives: What songs do you, the JJO listeners, like best?  Brock will play the Top Five songs from each Metallica album every Tuesday and Thursday nights at six.  Exact dates for each album on the calendar below.  Great time to rate songs and get entries to win the Lolla trip. 

Awesome Prizes:  We will be updating the Frequent Rocker Prize Pool and auctions with amazing Metallica stuff all month long. Score stuff like: Re-mastered CD’s, Limited Edition Vinyl, Blackened Whiskey, Metallica Swag and more

100 Point Keywords: Easier to score those prizes when you have a lot of points, so make sure you are logging into your account daily for the Metallica 100 Point Keyword.  Not a Frequent Rocker?  Click here to join.

The First Four Live: Randy Hawke combed the Metallica live vault to curate one of kind live versions of the first for records.  The band will talk about the records, and Randy let’s you know why he picked that live version.  Album dates are on the calendar below. 

Vinyl Club Wednesdays: Hawke is also a member of the Metallica Vinyl club and each Wednesday he will bring in his records and feature these incredible limited edition releases on Mandatory Metallica (Airs weekday afternoons at about 12:45).

Metallica A to Z with Blake Patton: The retired General returns Memorial Day Monday to play back every song, on every studio album, in alphabetical order.

Metallica weekly prizes on Prize Pool:



Blackened whiskey
Blackened Yeti
Blackened cocktail kit
Blackened tote
Blackened hat
Blackened button
Metallica Kill ‘Em All cd
Metallica  …And Justice For All cd
Metallica Master of Puppets cd
Metallica Hardwired.. to self destruct cd
Metallica Ride The Lightning cd
Metallica S&M 2 vinyl



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