Metallica is the biggest rock band in the world…What does it take for them to go on tour?  A LOT!  Check out some of these fun facts about the band and their new tour.

  • 480-The number of feet of custom truss and torms – All Metallica white.
  • 54,000-The number of guitar picks carried to accommodate what is being played and handed out to fans during the WorldWired Tour.
  • 1st-The place we score for our innovative sound system! The mammoth Meyer Sound LEO Family linear reinforcement system for our summer tour of North American stadiums is the FIRST to incorporate the company’s new VLFC, or very low frequency control unit.  Where a typical subwoofer covers a range from around 120 Hz down to 30 Hz-just above the 20 Hz lower hearing limit-the VLFC bridges this hearing threshold by extending full response capability down to 14 Hz.  The result is an uncanny effect that is more visceral than audible, creating pressure waves that are felt in the chest at distances well beyond 100 meters.  This creates an adrenaline rush and is a common response stimulated by exposure to these powerful, ultra-low frequencies.
  • 3-The number of days it takes to build the entire WorldWired Tour stage production in each stadium.
  • 15-The number of high definition IMAG cameras filming the show which will require 3,450 feet of Triax cable, 16 KiPro recorders and 2 TB of space each show to archive for safe keeping and for our fans to view later.


Check back everyday for a new fun fact and don’t forget to weigh in on the Coolest Metallica Song Ever in the bracket challenge.