Being a fan of Black Mirror can help with writing songs!  Joining Brock on this episode of Discover New Music is Blake Bedsaul of Saul talking about the band newest album “This Is It…The End of Everything.”  After a meteoric start to 2020 being cut short due to the pandemic, Saul was able to find new life and fresh re-start with their sophomore album.  Plus, don’t miss another round of Rapid Fire where they drive to figure out if it’s bigfoot or just Carl.

Saul is an American hard rock band from Sutherland, Iowa, formed in 2007. It was founded by brothers Blake and Zach Bedsaul who began as a cover band titled “Sequoia”. They started Saul in 2007. Saul’s lineup also includes William McIlravy (bass guitar/vocals) and Myles Clayborne (drums).