How do you go from a massively popular YouTube cover band to a band that writes, records and produces your own music IN YOUR APARTMENT?  Brian from Fame On Fire tells Brock how they did it.  Plus a Florida fight almost breaks out and discussion about how flying slow would be annoying. 

Chaos surrounds us. Either we succumb to its whims, or we master them. Fame on Fire control chaos in their music, corralling the extremes of rock, hip-hop, and heavy metal into intriguing and irresistible anthems. After tallying hundreds of millions of streams and views and earning acclaim from High Snobiety, Noisey, Loudwire, KERRANG!, and more, theFlorida quartet—Bryan Kuznitz [vocals], Blake Saul [guitar], Alex Roman [drums], and Paul Spirou [bass]—set a new precedent for genre alchemy on their new single “Plastic Heart”and forthcoming sophomore album.In “Plastic Heart” synth transmissions wrap around skittering 808s before snapping into a crunching guitar riff. Mirroring this musical ebb and flow, Bryan oscillates from hip-hop verses into a chantable melodic chorus punctuated by his dynamic range as he asks,“And if I just walked away, would your plastic heart break?”“It’s about an ex of mine,” he states. “I saw who she was originally, but she thought it was best for her to move to L.A. and live with the stars. She changed her face and personality. I realized she didn’t give a shit about me and who we were. The lyrics revolve around a superficial girl who changes everything about her.”“We want you to feel like this a refreshing take on what the rock genre can be,” the front man explains. “It’s not the same bullshit that everyone is used to. This is the start of a new age.”Welcome to the chaos.


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