He’s a lover, not a fighter!  This week’s guest on Discover New Music is Richard Patrick of Filter discussing the band’s new album “The Algorithm.”  After five years of ups and downs, Richard got back to the basics and hands-on with Filter’s eighth studio album.  According to him, if you love 90’s alternative then you’re gonna love this!  Plus, a quick round of Rapid Fire with Billy Corgan, Choco Tacos, Bigfoot and more! 

Richard Patrick, the creative mastermind behind Filter, has spent over 30 years pushing the boundaries of musical expression. His tenure as Nine Inch Nails’ touring guitarist and involvement in the band’s iconic music videos cemented his place in rock history. Patrick left NIN in 1993 to form Filter. Their explosive debut album, Short Bus, achieved platinum status, propelled by the breakout single “Hey Man Nice Shot.” The success continued with their follow-up release, Title of Record, also going platinum thanks to the crossover hit “Take a Picture.” Despite struggles with addiction and a stint in rehab, Patrick’s determination led to the formation of the supergroup, Army of Anyone, in 2006 alongside Dean and Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots and Ray Luzier of Korn, before refocusing on Filter’s output of later lauded albums, Anthems for the Damned (2008), The Trouble with Angels (2010), The Sun Comes Out Tonight (2013), and Crazy Eyes (2016). Now, after 20 years of sobriety and a seven-year break from his main artistic vehicle, Patrick has just unleashed the highly anticipated new Filter album, ‘The Algorithm,’ promising a sonic revolution for fans worldwide.

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